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Legal Bills Should Not Be Shock and Awe

The open-ended, no estimate hourly, billing method employed by many lawyers often results is surprise and shock to clients. I dislike it just as much as clients do. I believe that in most cases there are better methods for pricing services.


I have listed below some of the approaches that I will propose based upon the specific project.  

Fixed Fee

In those instances where the scope of the engagement is well defined (e.g. set up two person corporation or LLC), I will quote you a fixed fee for the project, exclusive of any filing fees.

Click on the link below for common fixed fee projects.

Guaranteed Not To Exceed Fee

You will get a quoted maximum fee. I will track my time at my hourly rate. If the total fee based on the time expended at my hourly rate is less than the maximum, you pay the lower amount. If higher, you pay only the maximum fee.

Task Based Fee

For certain projects the scope of the engagement is difficult, if not impossible, to define at the start. In those cases I will either (i) bill at my hourly rate with an upfront estimate and ongoing updates of fees incurred, or (ii) break out the fee into components with a fixed fee for each component that may be required in the course of the project.